♫ “Radio – What new?” ♫ by Karen Rennie PhD candidate

♫ “Radio – What new?” ♫ During my visit to Australia, I was invited to be interviewed by a local radio station in New South Wales, ABC Illawarra.The producers of the radio station saw the advertisement for my presentation on sexual expression in persons living with dementia and wanted to hear more about my research … Continue reading ♫ “Radio – What new?” ♫ by Karen Rennie PhD candidate

NT Student Awards 2019: for “badasses”

Well! We made it onto the NT Awards shortlist this year and in several categories. https://studentawards.nursingtimes.net/2019-shortlist What's especially pleasing about the nominations is that team members organised this themselves. Reminds me of this quote by Brene Brown (2018) which I've taken from her blog post on 13th March 2018  (https://brenebrown.com/blog/2018/03/13/courage-comfort-rumbling-shame-accountability-failure-work/) I think the people who … Continue reading NT Student Awards 2019: for “badasses”

Does the every day language we use matter?

In most of the workplace culture projects I'm involved with, the concern or challenge about everyday language usually crops up. Often the starting conversation tends to be along the lines of a team feeling their language is person-centred or it doesn't really matter - and what's said isn't how the team 'really' feel or think. In … Continue reading Does the every day language we use matter?

Inspiring nursing students

Yesterday I spent time with colleagues (Ruth, Ailsa and Lindesay), assessing year 4 nursing students presentations from their leadership module. The module was offered as an intensive 5 day school about developing person-centred cultures. It was so noticeable that significant and deep learning had taken place; especially in regards to knowing self and values. Students … Continue reading Inspiring nursing students