I returned from holiday  and a Twitter break to discover both Brendan McCormack and myself made it into the Honours list- kind of! This list [http://www.wecommunities.org/blogs/3444]  is a list of 100 RNs who have made an impact in 2018. Nominations were made and reviewed by a panel of peers (with a small ‘p’!). I am extremely grateful for the nominations I received.

I looked through the list to see who else was there and it was wonderful to be part of such a diverse crowd. Such diversity, in its broadest sense, is positive for the nursing profession.

I feel that social media has opened up the possibilities for many nurses to connect much more widely with others and become influential across a wider network and in less time than used to be the case before social media. While, I accept there are limitations and a down side to social media, we nee dot be using it and facilitating others to do likewise.

I hope my honour does not change me and I won’t be wearing a posh hat anytime soon either!


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